Fridge Magnets – A Hit As Promotional Products

As competition on the internet increases it becomes more and more difficult to set your business apart from all the others. One particular marketing technique that has been proven to work but isn’t made the most of by some companies is promotional products.

Promotional products are a very simple idea; they can be straightforward household products or other everyday items that have been printed with your company logo, name or message to your customers. Ask anyone about promotional products and the first items that usually spring to mind are pens, mouse mats and T-shirts. However there is a huge range of items available on the market these days and, whatever the size of your company or your budget, you are sure to find something that will fit in with your requirements.

Most businesses now have websites; along with printing your logo on an item to be used in your promotion you should always include your website address. Many people prefer to shop over the internet, and even if they don’t actually buy online and prefer to purchase from the high street, they often will at least take a look at the website before they go.

Before deciding on any promotional items carefully consider your clientele. For example, if you run a motor vehicle company then what sort of items might attract customers? Perhaps a car key chain or small tool set, a torch or air freshener. There are heaps of simple and yet very effective ideas out there so ensure you purchase products that fit in with your client base if you want to succeed.

People often need some kind of motivation to get them to spend money. A way you could facilitate this is by offering them a deal if they buy 2 items instead of just the one they intended. This means they get 2 items at a discount price, plus you could throw in a promotional product too. If you have an online book store they could get 2 books at low prices and a free leather bookmark, if the bookmark is attractive and good quality then many people will be tempted to spend that little bit more.

Don’t forget your loyal customers, it can pay to keep in touch with them and reward them in some way. Customers who buy regularly from you, or consistently buy expensive items, could be rewarded by a quality promotional gift sent along with their order as a small thank you for their loyalty.

This could also be extended to your business associates as a thank you for a successful working relationship, even your staff will appreciate a gift to say thanks for their loyalty and commitment; they could be rewarded with a quality product if they get the highest sales that month for example. As you can see, promotional products can be used in many different ways and are a great way to build relationships with the people that matter to your business.

A winning formula to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter is to regularly organize a competition or lucky draw. If they win, you send them a promotional product printed with your logo and website address. Most people will be happy to take a few minutes to sign up as we all love something for free. If you choose a quality promotional product that is related to the service you provide, or products you sell, then you also aim it at your target audience.

There is a broad range of promotional gifts available to you as a business. Any item that is practical, functional, attractive or quirky is going to be a hit with your customers. Whether you choose simple items like pens, mugs, key rings,fridge magnets or something more exclusive such as leather bags, designer brand clothes, luggage or elegant glassware, they all have their advantages.

Any item with a practical use has immediate appeal for promotional purposes, promotional fridge magnets are such an item as people stick them to their fridge and they can be there for years! Years of free advertising as your message is conveyed to everyone who passes through.

4 Reasons Why Recycled Promotional Products Create Repeated Exposure

Promoting your company with recycled promotional products is one of the best ways to impact your bottom line without compromising your core values.

Consider this: In the not too distant future, more and more start-ups will be introducing iPhone apps that deliver environmental ratings and information on thousands of everyday products. This information will also be attached to items in your local grocery store. Undoubtedly, consumer’s purchasing decisions will be influenced on a multitude of levels – and those brands that weren’t prepared will be forced to play catch up.

Since our business decisions have global consequences, it makes sense to take the time to understand how recycled promotional products can start benefiting your company right now.

Q: What are the benefits of putting my company logo on a recycled promotional items?

A: First and foremost, if the item is made from virgin material the amount of energy it takes to produce it is magnified many times versus those made from recyclable material. From recycled glass to aluminum, the amount of energy and water saved – not to mention CO2 emissions cut – is substantially higher. More and more consumers are buying products from companies that exhibit environmentally conscious decisions. Slowly switching from petroleum-based promotional products to recycled promotional products is a good first step for any company to take.

Q: What are some sticking points associated with environmentally friendly promotional items?

A: You just came across a photo of your favorite celebrity shopping with a recycled plastic tote bag, and you think to yourself, ‘If she is doing it, why not me?’ It is true that the overall quality of the material can become compromised during the recycling process. Chances are it isn’t as durable as its petroleum-based opposite and won’t be able to be recycled again. It is important to know if that recycled tote bag can be repurposed into something else just in case the question arises.

Q: How will green promotional items help my brand grow in a responsible manner?

A: Perception is nine-tenths of the law. How your customers perceive your brand can make or break your bottom line. If a passerby comes across your logo for the first time and it is attached to a recycled promotional product such as a bag or pen, chances are you will be looked at in a favorable manner. Prioritize with high impressionable items.

Q: Should I tie in an incentive-based sales strategy with recycled promotional products?

A: Yes. Linking a recycled promotional item with your target product will benefit your company in two ways. First, you can sell more of your higher priced items or services if you offer a desirable recycled promotional item as an incentive. Second, since the item bears everyday utility your customer will be a walking billboard, showcasing your company logo to the marketplace. With respects to price points, recycled promotional items are comparable to standard promotional products.

Choosing to promote your company with green promotional items will reinforce your brand’s message in an environmentally responsible manner. The question is not whether you can afford to, but if you can afford not to.

Why Many Businesses Prefer Promotional Products to Advertise Their Brands

Promotional products can be great tools for creating name recognition and good will of your brands among your customers and prospects. If a particular promotional product is a giveaway at an exhibition or conference, as a hand out to children on their educational visits or an in-store freebie, it is a great approach to use these promotional items to advertise your company name at lower costs. Giving out something for nothing is an excellent way for your business to get your target audience’s attention and this is what many businesses are doing these days to boost their sales.

Many items fall into the broad category of promotional products. These items might include bottle openers, letter openers, laser pointers, notepads, memo holders, photo frames, alarm clocks, mirrors, cufflinks, make up kits, manicure sets, jewellery boxes, business bags, travel bags, clocks, flasks,gift sets, briefcases, wine sets, puzzles, mobile phone holders, credit card holders, corporate printed trays, torches, document bags, paperweights, glassware, paper clip holders, eco friendly items, fitness sets, passport covers, personal fans, ties, work wears, mints, USB hub clocks, phone charges, games, watches, calculators, barbeque sets, picnic baskets, pencil sharpeners, fineliners, fountain pens, rollerballs, erasers, express promotional items and many more. Almost every promotional item contains the name of your company, logo and message for maximum effect.

These items are distributed either at conferences, exhibitions, and tradeshows or are given away as gifts, as employee incentives or rewards and as business gifts. The main purpose of distributing promotional products among your prospects is that you want your company name and message in front of them for a long period of time and these promotional items are simple, inexpensive and cost-effective at the same time. Promotional products are popular among all types of industries ranging form IT, Healthcare, Pharmacutecal to government and academic.

Promotional products and printed promotional items have positive impact for almost every business if used correctly. Promotional products are marketing tools and these items increase company recognition, make a favorable impression of your brand, offer flexibility, can be distributed among any audience ranging from children and teenagers to employees, dealers, businessmen and vendors and increase response rates. Promotional merchandises is also cost-effective especially when a business purchases them in bulk from promotional products distributors. As compared to other methods of advertising where you have to spend thousand of pounds to advertise your company, think of giving away a toothbrush to one of your prospects, so if a customer uses it every morning, this toothbrush would provide a reinforcement of your brand on a regular basis.

There are some points which you need to consider while using promotional products to advertise your brand. A promotional product campaign must be carefully planned to achieve maximum results in a short period of time. You might be planning to giveaway some specific promotional items on some specific event, always make sure that you have enough time to get them produced. Try to use a product which allows more imprinting onto it and fits your business requirements at the same time. You should be very careful in choosing the message which you want to be printed onto your selected promotional item as this would be the only thing your target audience will see when they use this product. You should imprint a concise message aiming to target different groups of audience and it must carry the main information about your business in one or two lines.

How Promotional Products Can Help Boost Sales

Promotional products are an ingenious way to promote a brand, boost business, and increase market share, customer trust and employee satisfaction. The best and rightly selected promotional product has a greater impact on the customers when compared to other modes of advertisements through television and print media.
Promotional products have various crucial roles in boosting sales of your business.

• Increases ROI
• Sales Promotion
• Customer acquisition
• Customer retention
• Customer Satisfaction
• Gains customer Loyalty
• Increasing Brand Awareness

Increases Return on Investment

The cost of advertisements in TV and newspapers are much large compared to promotional product marketing. Moreover, promotional items bring about higher CPI (Cost per Impression) when compared to other media advertisements. Promotional products are the only inexpensive yet effective means that generates better ROI. Higher ROI is achieved through less money, repeated exposure, new customers, and repeated purchase.

Customer Acquisition and retention

In a competitive scenario, to stay ahead of all other competitors, it is important to build up a brand opinion, trust, and persuade customers to choose our products over others. While using such items, the customers see or use them repeatedly and refer others to use the brand for the sake of mere usability. As per PPAI 2009, 60% of customers used the promotional items several times. 7.6% of them made others to use the product and 4.4% of them gave the products to others. This process brings in new customers. This way of repeated impression eventually increases sales.

Customer satisfaction

The main advantages of products over advertisements through newspapers and magazines are that they are only one way. The customer is not benefited materialistically in other media advertisements. This satisfies the customers in terms of materialistic possession.

Customer Loyalty

A high quality promotional product with a great visibility, usage, and durability reminds the brand or the product well ahead of all other medium. These type of products also help recall the message sent through them. The usefulness of the product grows to become a long-term remainder of the product. Promotional products increase:

• Advertisement’s honesty
• Concept towards the product or brand
• Attitude towards the sales product or brand
• Objective to purchase
• Recommendation to try or purchase the brand or product

Brand Awareness

According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), out of the customers who received promotional products, about 76% of them could recollect the name of the brand or the product even after several years. This higher recognition of the brand is achieved only in case of these products. This statistic clearly states that promotional items are the best cost effective means of increasing sales and brand awareness.

Sales Promotion

Brand recognition, loyalty and trust, attraction, repeat purchase, new customers, and ultimately, increased traffic in business boosts the sales of your products. To make a customer purchase a item and then make repeat purchases is more achievable using promotional items. About 20.9% of people purchase a product after using the promotional items, whereas only 13.4%, 7.1%, and 4.6% of people purchased the product after viewing advertisements in print media, TV and online advertisements respectively. In fact, according to the PPAI, about 84% of the people believe that promotional items are very effective in boosting sales.